Agavecoon Cattery
Welcome to Agavecoon Cattery's home on the Internet.  On our site you will find the history of our
cattery plus our award winning Maine Coon cats and kittens.  Make sure you check out the
"contact us" page so we can help you personally.  We are located in Northwestern Utah.
CH Agavecoon's Scarlett O'Hara when she was
a kitten.  Scarlett now lives in New Mexico.
Maine Coon Cat - The Gentle Giants full of love
Be sure and check out the Kitten page for availability.  We have kittens two to three times a year.  
We have most colors, even silver.  All kittens are raised underfoot with lots of love and attention.  
All kittens and cats are raised with the focus on health and personality.  
Our Boys
Our Girls
This is GC, NW Abizaq B. Valentino of
Agavecoon.  This gorgeous boy comes to us from
Norman and Martha Auspitz of Abizaq Cattery in
Louisville, KY.  Thanks Norm and Martha for
allowing us to have this perfect boy.  He came to
us in 2009.
GC Agavecoon Rocky Mountain
Honey.  Honey is a beautiful flashy
Brown patched tabby with white.  
This is our newest boy.  GC, RW Maine
Lvrs Charlie Brown.  Our thanks go to
Michelle Chaffee and Anne Jones for
allowing this beautiful boy to come to our
home.  Thanks also to Judy Bemis and
Martha Auspitz.
BV received his National and
Regional standing for the show
season 2008-2009

5th Best Kitten in CFA
Best Kitten Region 4
Best of Breed Region 4
Best of Color Class Region 4
11th Best Cat Region 4
Show season 2012-2013

5th Best Cat - Region 2
Best of Breed - Region 2
Best of Color Class - Region 2